Kaien Cruz Announces Debut Album ‘KAIEN’

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Kaien Cruz will release debut album ‘KAIEN’ on October 26th.

The South African born artist blends vintage R&B tropes with riveting new ideas, speaking their truth in the process. Finding viral fame with their debut single ‘Love Me In The Dark‘, Kaien was subsequently nominated for Song of the Year at the South African Music Awards.

Songs like ‘Black Ice’ and ‘I Lay’ followed, with Kaien blending soulful vocals with aspects of their South African heritage, melding this with lyricism that evokes Black queer life.

Out on October 26th, debut album ‘KAIEN’ takes their journey to the next level. They comment…

“’KAIEN’ is a culmination of the diverse range of ebbs and flows I’ve experienced throughout my life thus far – love, heartbreak, bliss, misery, and everything that lies in the space between. I’ve been composing this body of work for years now, and it feels so surreal that I finally get to share it with the world. Genre bending, smooth vocals, and honest lyrics are my way of creating something for everyone to connect to.”

New single ‘Shows N Hoes’ is out now, the crisp vocal illuminating musicality of real maturity from the 25-year-old. Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Veronica Henderson