Kerby Jean-Raymond Tells Story Behind Pyer Moss's "American Also"

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Dave Chappelle explaining,”the only thing more frightening than watching a black man being honest in America, is being an honest black man in America” at the 2018 Grammys might be the most woke quote of 2018, and the most accurate. One black designer who falls in that category and isn’t afraid of being honest in his work is Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder and head designer of Pyer Moss.

He wasn’t afraid to discuss race relations in modern society for the brand’s SS16 collection, or subvert the corporate greed in Wall Street in his SS17 lineup. For FW18, Kerby stays on trend showering light on today’s current political and social issues plaguing the country. We’re look at you, “President” Trump.

“We as African American men don’t necessarily feel American,” Kerby tells us. “We’re born in this country, but we don’t feel like we belong here. There’s so much divisiveness in today’s political climate that it feels like we’re getting pushed out.”

With that feeling of alienation, the designer creates his new collection “American Also.” He sets out to prove that fashion is more than just pretty clothes, but an outlet to challenge perspectives and narratives that many of us can relate to. “We want to tell a story and create an art form here,” he explains.

We caught up with Kerby before his New York Fashion Week Men’s show to get deeper insight on his creative process and the story behind Pyer Moss’s “American Also” collection. Watch above.

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