Lance Rodriguez Shares Uplifting Single ’11Eleven’

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Lance Rodriguez is marking his return with brand new single ‘11Eleven’.

Picture radiant sunsets and lengthy road trips, the track is a defining moment for the Californian singer-songwriter. Plucked off of his recent debut album ‘EMPATH’, the artist has been fine-tuning his blend of acoustic pop and soul, now leaning into a country-tinged offering. The track boldly confronts the fear of failure, coming together as a motivational listen that urges its listener to take a leap into the unknown.

Stumbling upon his passions during his time spent in church, Lance Rodriguez has since been striving to create music that holds emotional resonance. Making his first steps in 2019, the riser is now playing shows all across the globe, selling out his biggest show so far at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego.

’11Eleven’ undoubtedly marks a turning point, a gleaming track that uplifts both the listener and Rodriguez as he ventures into his next steps.

Speaking on the track, Rodriguez explains: “11Eleven is an anthem to tell my audience it’s perfectly okay to be scared but to go out and pursue your dreams, get started on your 11:11 wish, without fear of failure.”

Tune in now.

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