Lee Gamble’s ‘Models’ Has A Filmic Quality

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Lee Gamble has shared new album ‘Models’ in full.

The Brummie producer’s approach has tended to vaporise club tropes, building anew from the wreckage. Out now on Hyperdub, ‘Models’ continues this instinct, but also incorporates his love of ear-worm melodies.

Riffing on this, the tracks on ‘Models’ remain lodged in your head, but this builds into something with a character of its own. Idea piled on idea, the electronics somehow degrade, listening itself becoming akin to a creative act.

At times almost psychedelic, there’s a rhythmic drive which moves from breakbeat to those early Mo’Wax productions, all while having an intensely visual quality. Filmic club-focussed music with lucid melodies, ‘Models’ feels like a singular work in this ever-creative producer’s catalogue.

Tune in now.