Liam Gallagher To Take Over Manchester’s Tram Announcements

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Liam Gallagher will be the surprise voice for Manchester’s tram announcements this week.

Some Might Say it’s been a long time coming, but the Oasis legend and solo guru is set to bound out of the speakers of Manchester’s tram system this weekend. There’s no Definitely Maybe about it – Liam Gallagher will voice the Bee Network this weekend, and he’ll be announcing the stops as they go via some pre-recorded snippets.

It won’t be Supersonic speeds, but the Bee Network is a fully integrated transport system, and an eco-friendly means of zipping around Manchester. It runs smoothly, too – there’s no Shakermaker about it.

So, you’d better Roll With It and get involved – it’s all thanks to Beyond The Music festival, a new showcase event which launches this weekend.

A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher said: “Liam’s doing his bit to get behind the festival and encourage people to get into the city and support new up and coming talent.”  

“When the request was first made by Bee Network champion Andy Burnham, Liam loved the idea of surprising tram users by doing the announcements and he was given the chance to choose his favourite line. You’ll have to get onto a tram into the city to find out which it is!” 

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is a big supporter of the Bee Network, and a vocal champion of the city’s music scene. He adds: “There surely can’t be any better way of marking the launch of the Bee Network and the first Beyond The Music than getting one of Manchester’s most famous voices announcing the stops on his favourite Metrolink line.”

“It means a lot to us that Liam has agreed to do this and show his support for his home city. Supporting our music venues and giving people cheaper and better public transport to and from our gigs is what we’re all about. I am sure that Liam’s dulcet tones will wake up a few early-morning commuters, brighten up many a journey and produce a lot of smiles along the way.”

Beyond The Music will take place at venues across Manchester from October 11th – 14th 2023. Tickets can be bought from