lilo Offer Something Old, And Something New

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Indie-folk duo lilo are back with two new releases.

The magnetic pairing have released a new floating and pulsating single, ‘Back On My Feet’ as well as a cover of Robert Palmer’s evergreen karaoke staple ‘Addicted to Love’. ‘Back On My Feet’ is the lifelong friends’ coming-of-age song, all about the constant cycle of self-discovery and self-improvement. The new track also has bigger, and more explosive sound, it sees the band let loose.

They explain: “We’re happily putting our blindfolds on in this song and running as fast as we can into the next fall. We wanted to let go with this song, to just be rockstars together for 3 and a half minutes.”

Lilo aka Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon harmonise together on their softly sung cover of ‘Addicted to Love’. The vocals are paired with a piercing guitar line, creating many new levels to the 80s hit. The two releases follow the band’s second EP ‘I Don’t Like My Chances On The Outside’, which led them to playing at both Green Man and End of the Road festival this summer. Lilo can be heard on the first headliner tour later this September. 

Tune in now.

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Words: Amelie Grice