Live Gallery: Dia De Los Muertos Powered By Volcan X.A At Nolita Social

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As the spirits came alive this Halloween season, Nolita Social at the Bulgari Hotel hosted its most thrilling and extravagant event yet, Dia de los Muertos, powered by Volcan X.A Tequila.

Nolita Social, inspired by New York’s vibrant neighbourhood north of Little Italy, brings the energy of ‘the New York night’ to London. The venue offers an intimate experience beneath Sette restaurant, beginning with signature cocktails and light bites, and transitioning into an after-hours hangout.

At Dia de los Muertos, Nolita Social was transformed into a haven of vibrant decorations, setting the stage for a celebration that fused Mexican tradition with the sophistication of London’s nightlife.

A night of high-energy tunes from the resident band, Baldo Verdu, Baby Sol and DJ Lawrence matched the enchanting décor and Volcan Tequila’s exceptional flavours. Guests were also treated to professional face painters at the venue. It was a truly memorable celebration of cocktails, DJ’s and the rich traditions of Dia De Los Muertos.

Cocktails on rotation included;

X.A MARTINI (Volcan X.A, Cocchi Americano infused with thyme. Amalfi lemon peel Orange bitters)

VOLCAN SMASH  (Volcan blanco tequila, lemon, honey, mint, soda)

X.A OLD FASHIONED  (Volcan X.A, agave nectar, bitters, orange, cherry)

GRAND MARGARITA  (Volcan blanco tequila, grand marnier, agave syrup, lime)

PALOMA (Volcan blanco tequila, grapefruit, agave syrup_

VOLCAN NEGRONI (Volcan blanco tequila, pedro ximenez, Campari)

Volcan X.A Tequila, a brand deeply rooted in Mexican heritage, derives its name and inspiration from the Tequila volcano’s eruption over 200,000 years ago. This natural event gave birth to the fertile soils of Jalisco, where Volcan X.A’s agave grows today.

Volcan X.A is committed to crafting the finest Tequila through an alchemy of volcanic influence and centuries of Mexican heritage. With an innovative approach to aging and blending, they offer a unique assemblage of Aged (Reposado), Extra-Aged (Añejo), and Ultra-Aged (Extra Añejo) tequilas.

Photography: Sam Rockman