Maria BC Announces New Album ‘Spike Field’

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Maria BC will release new album ‘Spike Field’ on October 20th.

The musician impressed with their gothic-inclined debut, full of imposing atmospherics and charcoal-black tones. Snapped up by Sacred Bones, the label seems the perfect home for Maria BC’s stark ruminations.

New album ‘Spike Field’ is out on October 20th, and it’s preceded by a pair of spectral tracks. ‘Amber’ and ‘Watcher’ are both excellent examples of their world-building abilities, the slender wisps of sound bound together like cobwebs.

Thematically, the two songs are linked, with ‘Amber’ and ‘Watcher’ looking at themes of connection from different vantage points.

Maria BC comments…

“Make the mirrors windows” – this line sums up the whole song. I’m reaching out to you so that you might draw me out of myself, out of fear and self-scrutiny, into connection and desire. It’s a love song.”

On ‘Amber’, the lyrics are about reaching out to receive connection; here, the lyrics are about anticipating that gesture and preemptively reaching down in recognition, like, “I see you’re in pain, I’m here for you. I’m sorry it’s taken so long.” But unlike in ‘Amber’, that moment of connection never comes. You can’t wish someone’s pain away. You can bear witness to them, but validation can’t undo the past. You have to hold it together, and hold them. It’s difficult. Sometimes you run out of words, like in this song, which opens with this grandiose angelic choir and then just kind of…trails off.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Damien Maloney