Masego Serves up 'Trap House Jazz' Realness on 'Cued Up'

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Cued Up is Highsnobiety’s celebration of upcoming talent. Within these stripped down performances, we spotlight a rising artist who is bringing something new to the world of music and capturing our hearts, minds, and ears. This week, we’re featuring Masego, a Virginia native who’s creating sounds of his own – a whole new genre he’s dubbed “Trap House Jazz.”

In case you’ve been sleeping, Masego has been making major moves in the past couple of years. Last year, he stopped by COLORS Berlin for an unforgettable performance of “Navajo.” His collab with Fkj called “Tadow” has amassed over 72 million YouTube views.

But beyond the building hype and the impressive numbers is one of the few musicians out there who is truly pushing boundaries. Though at first he learned piano, sax and various drum machines with the aim of impressing a crush, it’s clear that he’s alchemised his mastery of those instruments and his voice into something much more significant. A little while back, the offices of Highsnobiety New York was graced with the presence of the soon-to-be household name Masego, for performances of alternate versions of “Tadow” and “Queen Tings” and his thoughts on how you can’t choose who influences you. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

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