Matt Berry Launches New Collaboration With Library Music Imprint KPM

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Matt Berry will release new album ‘Simplicity’ on November 17th.

The British actor is renowned for his comedic roles, and for the total commitment he shows to the characters he embodies. He’s also a noted musician and songwriter, however, maintaining a lengthy relationship with Acid Jazz Records.

In all, Matt Berry’s catalogue moves from the pastoral folk of ‘Kill The Wolf’ through to the psych-pop of ‘Blue Elephant’, while also dipping into ambient electronica on ‘Music For Insomniacs’.

New album ‘Simplicity’ is something completely different – a collaboration with legendary library music staple KPM. The imprint is one of the key bastions of library music – essentially music crafted by composers and top musicians, which could then be ‘loaned’ for use on soundtracks.

Some of the greatest musicians of all time have worked with KPM, and Matt Berry is clearly delighted at the link-up. In a note, he writes:

“Being a lifelong fan of KPM Records it was an honour to be asked to contribute to such a prestigious label with an amazing body of work featuring some of the sharpest composers, arrangers and players in town. I’m an imposter.”

Out on November 17th (order it online now) ‘Simplicity’ will be available digitally, alongside a special CD edition, classic black vinyl, and a 500 limited-edition individually-numbered green vinyl pressing.

Jack Lewis from KPM adds:

“We’re delighted to welcome Matt to KPM as a composer. Matt’s passion for the KPM catalogue is apparent throughout ‘Simplicity’. It blends the recording techniques and instrumentation of the 1960/70s ‘Greensleeves’ collection with Matt’s unique writing style.”

Check out the first preview below – ‘Top Brass’ is an uber-proggy slice of funky bedlam with a clear soundtrack quality.

1.   Top Brass 
2.   Driving Seat 
3.   Rising Bass 
4.   Set The Scene 
5.   Good Sport 
6.   Transition  
7.   Simple Basic 
8.   Widescreen Features 
9.   Too Many Hats  
10. Telescopic  
11. Top Brass Two