Matt Wescott Makes His Return ‘Nice To Meet You’

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Matt Wescott is making his return with brand new single ‘Nice To Meet You’.

An ode to everlasting youth, the track is a warm, upbeat offering from the Somerset-based singer-songwriter. Piecing together mellow acoustics with quirky organs, the track draws from a vintage sound, blurring the boundaries between pop, indie and rock. Taking the spotlight with a momentous, celebratory hook, Wescott invites his crowds to join in,

A spotlight moment taken from upcoming EP ‘Echoes Around The Sun’, Wescott has crafted a collection of tracks that detail his journey thus far. Having worked closely in the studio with iconic 90s band Portishead, Wescott has developed an ear for a broad array of genres and styles, now finding a balance between nostalgia and the contemporary. The artist has also played to crowds far and wide, gaining a glimpse of mainstream success when supporting the likes of Razorlight and Fiona Regan.

‘Nice To Meet You’ marks the next chapter for Matt Wescott, a collaborative effort between himself and Ethan Mentzer. 

Now carving a solo career, the artist details: “‘Nice To Meet You’ is about an artist rediscovering their creative inner child.”

Tune in now.