Meelo’s ‘Day’ Carries A Real Potency

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Meelo returns with beautiful new song ‘Day’.

The multi-talented instrumentalist is continually in demand, a low-key MVP in London’s improvisatory music scene. Debut EP ‘Movement 1’ landed last year, a solo document crafted in the aftermath of an accident on his bike.

Music that its core is soothing, Meelo is also known as the go-to bass player for artists like Goya Gumbani and Subculture, while his jazz band Respair are also gaining plaudits.

New single ‘Day’ is a smooth piece of groove-oriented songwriting, the relaxed, jazz adjacent rhythms suggesting a real creative flexibility. It’s all shot through with light, Meelo conjuring a deeply colourful sense of individuality.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Kat Collings