Mellt’s ‘Byth Bythol’ Is A Feelgood Welsh Language Jam

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Welsh band Mellt have released another feel-good Britpop track ‘Byth Bythol’. The track is about the
stress of growing up, but also the acceptance that we are not able to fix everything in life. The title
translates to ‘forever and ever’ and the band explains that “‘Byth Bythol’ is about the things we can’t
control. There’s an element of laziness to this song as it argues melancholically that there’s no use in
going to the trouble to fix the things we can’t control, that we could spend forever and ever searching for
all the answers.” This pairs well with the deliberatly sentimental sound of acoustic guitars, vocals similar
to Pavement and soothing harmonic melodies.

The nostalgic feeling continues in the music video by Jacob Hodges which shows the band living in the house that they have shared for many years and referencing the special events that have taken place there. It adds to the sentiment that Mellt have been playing together since Secondary School. The video also serves as a goodbye to the house. Accompanying the single release, the band have announced their second album following 2018’s ‘Mae’n Hawdd Pan Ti’n Ifanc’. Cardiff’s Mellt aim to bring the Welsh language and culture into a new generation and are going on a Welsh tour in November.

Check out ‘Byth Bythol’ below.

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Words: Amelie Grice
Photo Credit: Sam Stevens