MRCH Share New Gem ‘Easiest To Bend’

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MRCH return with new song ‘Easiest To Bend’.

The group are back, aiming to follow up their dreamy debut EP. The band’s first release in three years, incoming EP ‘TV Bliss’ is a bold document, merging indie pop songcraft with something vivid and unexpected.

Merging dream pop aspects with hazy shoegaze effects, new single ‘Easiest To Bend’ is a superb slice of alt-melodics. Out now, it’s driven by Mickey Pangburn’s dulcet vocal, with the singer commenting:

“Love is probably the most thrown around word. It really just means vulnerability to me though. And it’s difficult to not treat vulnerability as a weakness. It’s super hard to not put up walls of protection. ‘Easiest To Bend’ is about the courage and strength of being imperfectly, honestly, vulnerable. So here we go throwing the word love into yet another chorus, but, we LOVE it.”

The full video for ‘Easiest To Bend’ airs through Clash, and it pays homage to a true indie disco staple – ‘Crash’ by The Primitives. Lifting that late 80s aesthetic and placing it in a fresh context, the video features Mickey and drummer Jesse Pangburn in a chic shoot.

Tune in now.

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