Mutual Benefit Offers Peaceful Single ‘Untying A Knot’

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Mutual Benefit has shared new single ‘Untying A Knot’.

The New York based songwriter – aka Jordan Lee – is guiding fans towards his third album, ‘Growing At Edges’, a project focuses on the parts of life that have become neglected due to capitalism.

‘Untying a knot’ is a decorated soft song with peaceful vocals about focusing on self-growth. Lee stated that he wanted to “normalise taking in new information and changing your perspective.” This is seen in Mutual Benefit repeating that he is parting with the hollow version of what he thought he knew.

It has the same vulnerability as something from artists such as Adrienne Lenke, in a way; a track that has so many small details that make it feel comforting and nostalgic, such as the soft backing vocals and repeating intricate guitar part. 

‘Growing At The Edges’ will be released on October 6th, and Mutual Benefit will play the Lodges room in Los Angeles on October 25th, before hitting TV Eye in New York on November 14th. The album release will also coincide with the 10th anniversary of his debut album, ‘Love’s Crushing Diamond’. 

Check out ‘Untying A Knot’ below.

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Photo Credit: Annalie Bouchard