Natanya’s ‘Sorrow At Sunrise’ Taps Into Emotional Truths

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Natanya has shared new EP ‘Sorrow At Sunrise’ in full.

The songwriter has a number of strings to her bow – having studied at the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, she’s currently focussed on a degree in English literature.

An artist with a calming sense of presence, there’s a real accuracy to her emotional statements. Recent single ’23’ is already a fan favourite, while the breakout moment ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes’ pivoted between some of her core influences – blending Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins with the R&B purity of Whitney Houston.

Out now, the full EP is an enriching experience, self-produced alongside core collaborators Jkarri and Kwaku Konadu.

Natanya comments…

‘Sorrow At Sunrise’ describes the uncomfortable feeling of growing up and the lessons that come with it. That funny feeling in your stomach when you try and sleep a problem off, only to wake up and remember it’s still there. When you’re lying on your bed after a bad night, but it’s 5 a.m. and you haven’t made it to the bathroom to wash your makeup off. The pain in the goodbye when you leave home for the first time, and when your heart breaks for the first time, but your mum isn’t there to hug you. That’s sorrow at sunrise, the sadness in an area that everyone would associate with relief, new beginnings or excitement. Why is my version not going right?

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Emily Almodovar
Styling: Lucy Bonner