New York’s Best Record Shops: Rahill Presents Her Guide

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Iranian-American songwriter Rahill approaches music from all sorts of different angles. With her multi-faceted techniques, she’s able to blend bedroom electronics with neat pop aspects, infused with psychedelic tropes, and aspects of her Middle Eastern heritage.

Out now, bold studio album ‘Flowers At Your Feet’ features some riveting songwriting, blending electronic aspects with her deeply organic songwriting. A huge music fan, Rahill absorbs as much as she creates, working in tandem with co-producer Alex Epton.

Moving between the other-worldly psych-pop aspects of Broadcast to the left-field hip-hop samples of Madlib, the record even finds room for a guest spot from Beck. Never one to be second guessed, Rahill earned her stripes at record shops across New York, searching for the perfect beat.

Here’s her guide to the best vinyl emporiums from all Five Boroughs.

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Academy Records

Learned so much working here, undoubtedly one of my favorite jobs. One of the best jazz collections, everyone working at Academy has a library of knowledge about music. Local legends, OG heads and diggers new and old spend time here. I never tire of the bins because they stay full of gems. 

A1 Records

First shop I went to when I first moved to the city. Full of life and characters, it never feels empty inside, small but packed with treasures. Found so many of the records I’d been on the hunt for over the years at A1. I love where it is in the city too, perfect location across from tompkins park and up the block from rays and other new york institutions. 

Aeon Books

Best book store in the city in my opinion. Chill, not pretentious or overly curated. So many good art, music, and poetry books, a good record selection too ! Just a friendly atmosphere to walk into, in my neighborhood and I love the inside design, colorful and spirited, like a bookstore should feel/inspir). 

Head Hi

Sweet bookstore and cafe in Brooklyn with good coffee and good people. Love their curation of books and they always have great community events supporting the arts. On a weekend you may catch a launch party of some kind with records spinning good music. 

Ray’s Candy Store

And because I mentioned Ray’s earlier, what’s a record shopping day without a quick snack, it’s essential considering the hours spent digging. Ray’s is a New York institution, and the man, Ray himself, is Iranian, like me, so I always love stopping by to get soft serve on a summer day and saying what’s up to Ray through the iconic window.   

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‘Flowers At Your Feet’ is out now.