Next Wave #1109: MEYY

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MEYY might have burst into popularity with her sultry, seductive debut ‘Angelic Lies’ back in 2019, but its acclaim far from limited her sound. Her subsequent releases depict an artist toying with and pushing the boundaries of her identity.

There has always been a passion within MEYY’s music, and an intriguing subversion of concepts, but her incoming EP ‘Digital Gloss’ sees an artist fully coming into their own, locating growing confidence both as an artist and as a collaborator. “I really admire a lot of the producers I’ve worked with,” she comments. Collaborating with the EP’s executive producer PIPPIN “kind of feels like I’m walking through a museum because it’s so impressive. I saw all the little tricks embedded in the production and the process.”

This new EP – her third to date – is just the latest iteration in her rapidly developing relationship with the craft of songwriting. From her first “serious” attempt at just 10 years old to create a song celebrating her grandparent’s anniversary, each project has captured poignant life moments. “I always write songs about one person, though not necessarily the same person,” she laughs. In fact, she first started writing largely to communicate with those she was romantically involved with “because I wanted them to know what I was thinking… never with the intention of releasing them.”

Relocating from Belgium to London gave her time “to really start to focus on my music and lowkey on myself too. I think that being an artist is a portrayal of how you feel, so you really have to be aware of yourself, to do it in an honest way.” 

‘Digital Gloss’ is MEYY’s first release since this shift took place, and shows an artist who is really having fun with their creations. Take recent single ‘QT’ – a Caro-produced bop which allowed MEYY to open up “this new side of music that I hadn’t really explored… like a whole fun, cute sound that I had previously shied away from.” The track was recorded on a “cute afternoon” in which Caro, TWST and MEYY experimented with this lighter sound “and talked about boys and stuff.”

The result is astounding – ‘QT’ maintains the emotional intensity of MEYY’s previous works but bubbles with fun. “I don’t have to be so serious anymore,” she explains, “and that’s a big part. I listen to pop, I love Ariana Grande, and I love music which is bright and fun and playful. I feel like I can make that now because I don’t have anything to prove.”

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WHAT: Hyper-colourful rule-breaking pop.
WHERE: London-via-Belgium
3 SONGS: ‘QT’, ‘Pretty’, ‘Blush’

FACT: Ever the academic MEYY is also a civil engineering student.

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Words: Eve Boothroyd
Photography: Bella Howard
Fashion: Sabrina Soormally