Next Wave #1111: Nell Mescal

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Nell Mescal has had a whirlwind journey. The Ireland-born artist’s music is inundated with honesty, utilising angelic energy to plunge fans into her all-too-relatable world.

Her musical journey is indelibly linked to her family’s eternal support; Nell cites their endless benevolence as the reason she  pursued the career more openly. “If it wasn’t for my parents, I don’t think I would have been as brave and released my music when I did,” she begins. “It was actually their idea to go and record them. They knew I had been writing a lot and decided it was time to give it a go. I feel like you need that type of supportive environment at all times, it’s what pushes you further.”

Plunging her into the spotlight is ‘Graduating’ – an emotionally charged debut that channels the struggles this 19-year-old experienced during school prior to dropping out. The indie-folk track details her bleak experience, but its struck an intimate chord with fans. “I was scared before ‘Graduating’ came out. I began questioning what I was doing because those experiences, at the time, were still so sore and raw,” she opens up. “It was all worth it though! I remember, almost immediately, someone reached out to me saying that they didn’t want to go to their graduation for the same reasons and we had a chat.” 

Nell Mescal’s goal, it seems, is to nurture that sense of connection. “To have that reaction within the first week was lovely,” she beams. “It’s always been my goal to have people relate to my music; if at least one person can, I’ve done my job.”

The fast ascent of Nell Mescal is one that millions of aspiring musicians can look up to. From creating music strictly for her family and friends to securing the support slot for Birdy’s upcoming tour all within the space of a year, nothing of what she’s achieved has been a shock. “I am a huge manifester,” she exclaims. “I don’t want to sound like a douche… but I wasn’t too surprised when things happened”. 

“I’ve always knew what I wanted and what I would have to do to get there. It was only a matter of time before things worked out.” Her method? “Dream about it.. and you feel like you can do it. Even if it’s out of your grasp,” she says. “I’ve always told myself to find a way around it. You’ve got to make it happen, you’ve got to find a way”. 

Finishing, she smiles gently and adds: “I truly believe that if you want it badly enough, your time will come.”

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WHAT: Indie-folk with dreamy vocals
WHERE: London-via-Kildare
3 SONGS: ‘Homesick’, ‘Graduating’, and ‘In My Head’

FACT: As an infant, Nell split her chin open – from certain angles, you can still see the scar.

Words: Shannon Garner
Photography: Bella Howard
Fashion: Sabrina Soormally