Next Wave #1135: Molly Burman

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Molly Burman’s musical journey started almost at birth. Among her first memories are her mother singing ‘Lavender’s Blue’, while her father’s guitar was an ever-present on family camping trips. It took the arrival of Adele’s debut juggernaut ‘19’ for things to crystallise, however; “I just thought it was the most amazing album ever. I would dance round the front room in my mums’ high heels pretending I was playing to a stadium!”

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Discovering her own voice as a teenager, Molly Burman found that once that dam had been unblocked the music simply poured forth. Recorded on her own at first, she began sketching out her own vital brand of DIY-infused pop. She recalls: “As soon as I started recording my own songs, I got completely carried away with them and my own career, and from then on everything I did was because I wanted to be able to do what I love for the rest of my life.”

2018’s ‘Happy Things’ was a colossal viral moment, but Molly has been careful to avoid the hype. Working carefully, her EP ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ landed earlier this year, and reinforced her close-knit relationship with fans. An ultra-honest dose of melodic over-sharing, her songwriting touches parts that other artists can’t reach.

“The songs on the EP come from a really difficult time in my life,” she says, “and they’re all wrapped up in this little world. It’s nice to listen back to them and really think about all the stuff I’ve been through and how I’ve grown from it. Each song speaks a narrative and represents a different emotion. Some of the songs were written over a year ago, and they’ve remained very special to me and will always have a little place in my heart.”

Aligned to Loud LDN – a collective platforming female and non-binary voices in the capital – Molly Burman is determined to both walk the walk, and talk the talk. Having known how hard it was for herself, she’s out her building entire communities. “My songs are so personal, so it already doesn’t feel like there’s much of a divide between me and any listeners,” she reflects. “I grew up as a fangirl of loads of bands, so I understand the importance of loving someone’s music and really feeling like you connect to them, even if you haven’t met. I love the idea of people relating to me and me being able to relate to them, just through the words in a song.”

Recently launching the EP with a string of headline shows, Molly Burman isn’t about to rest on her laurels – she’s got big plans for the future. “I plan on making a bunch of new music and pushing myself to new limits,” she says. “I want to gig all the time… and just become the most confident version of myself that I possibly can.”

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Words: Robin Murray
Photo Credit: Holly McCandless-Desmond