Nissi Links With Fireboy DML On ‘Nobody’

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London-based Nissi combines with Fireboy DML on new single ‘Nobody’.

The multi-hyphenate is making power moves, with his new EP ‘Unboxed’ set to land shortly. She’s recruiting some big names, with Nissi acting as the central curator, expanding her vision by aligning with other voices.

Out now, new single ‘Nobody’ was produced by multi-platinum selling musician and producer TSB (J Hus, FLO, Stormzy), and co-produced by Kigali and Eyes – a huge central cast.

An all-out burner, ‘Nobody’ comes from a highly personal place, with Nissi attempting to pin down what love and commitment mean in her life. Amplifying this, she’s joined by the one-and-only Fireboy DML, whose guest turn adds some terrific energy.

Nissi comments…

The inspiration for ‘Nobody’ comes from a place deep within me, a realisation about what love truly means. To me, love is about absolute loyalty. It’s the kind of loyalty that remains unwavering even when everything else fades away – people, looks, you name it. Loyalty is that eternal flame that never dims. ‘Nobody’ is a celebration of this profound connection, centered around love and loyalty. When the idea for the song took root, I knew I wanted to explore the theme of two individuals who are willing to move mountains for each other. It’s that unbreakable bond where nothing else matters, where they’re ready to defy the world just to be together”.

Of the partnership with Fireboy DML, she adds:

The process of creating the song with Fireboy DML flowed seamlessly. There was a natural chemistry between us, and our ideas bounced off each other effortlessly. It was a collaboration that felt entirely unforced, as if the music was simply coming together in the most organic way. The songwriting journey felt so refreshingly natural, like a conversation where each word and melody just fell into place with ease. It’s those moments when creativity feels like second nature that truly make the process magical. Together, our collaboration paints a vivid picture of a connection that’s pure and loyal”.

Tune in now.

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