No Guidnce Seal Their Rise With ‘Spicy’ EP

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London R&B collective No Guidnce have shared new EP ‘Spicy’ in full.

The group – ZeekayEbubé, Josh and Kaci – are one of the most pivotal names in British music right now, with their opening project making serious waves.

Taking Millennial R&B tropes and injecting them with fresh perspectives, the group are set to link up with Mahalia on tour shortly, and have sold out headline dates in both Los Angeles and London.

New EP ‘Spicy’ is out now, and it seals their rise. Emphasising the group’s left-field capabilities, it blends experimental aspects with vivid tones of musicality and supple songwriting elements.

No Guidnce comment…

“This is project number two from us! We took a more experimental route with these news songs in order to bring to life a different No Guidnce sound that the fans haven’t heard from us yet. We’re incredibly proud of this new project and having the world experience it and soon performing it live!”

Tune in now.

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