ORKA Pick Out Their Night Bus Playlist

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ORKA may be a new name, but their roots run deep in European club culture. A project formed around the idea of electronic music as a type of live performance, the duo – Francine Perry from London and Jens L. Thomsen from the Faroe Islands – put their heart and soul into debut album ‘All At Once’.

Out now, the pair utilised every ounce of their solo experiences during this joint endeavour. For his part, Jens L. Thomsen is an integral part of Yann Tiersen’s live band, a noted sound artist who recently made history by creating the first-ever subsea tunnel soundscape for the Eysturoy tunnel.

Equally, London based Francine Perry is a breakout studio figure, musical director for Romy xx’ live shows, and co-founder of the Omnii Collective, an organisation dedicated to platforming female, non-binary and trans voices within electronic production.

So, ‘All At Once’ comes with some pedigree, then. ORKA will play a special album launch party on October 5th, taking the reins at IKLEKTIK alongside some close friends – grab your ticket now.

Ahead of this, ORKA went deep to pick out their night bus playlist – that staple of London post-club life, when you grab your headphones and prepare yourself for a long, late night journey across the city.

Leon Vynehall – ‘Movements (Chapter III)’

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This track has such a calming vibe to it, it immediately puts you in a place of comfort but it also keeps building in a really organic way. It’s a great track to chill out to at the end of a night out. 

Elkka – ‘Burnt Orange’ 

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Burnt Orange encapsulates beautiful building moments with the energy of a dance floor. It can be played when you’re building up to a night out, or winding down from one. It makes you feel elated, and we also love Elkka’s whispery vocals like she’s speaking right in your ear. 

Overmono – ‘If U Ever’ 

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Overmono are amazing at building club inspired tracks with deep emotion in them. If U Ever feels nostalgic and calming, like a familiar memory. It’s a great one to play if you’re seeking comfort and familiarity, but still with the movement and simplicity of a club track. 

Nidia – ‘Capacidades

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We love the synths and overall sound world of this track, it also encapsulates the club but with a more organic energy and skippy beat. It’s a great one to listen to on the way back from a night out, it’s still big but it feels refreshing after a night of harder music.

LCY – ‘Sora’ 

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Sora has such amazing, deep atmosphere, the soft vocals are juxtaposed with otherworldly alien sounds. It keeps you guessing at where it’s going, and totally slaps at the same time as feeling warm.

Supervisjón – ‘AT TAKA LÁN

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After dancing to Supervisjón’s music at the club you can listen to it again when you get home. It frames the absurdity that you will be waking up to tomorrow. “You could get a mortgage. Interests rates might go up. What if one of you dies”.

Yves Tumor – ‘Limerence’

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A minimal track with a synth chord progression, an ambient aching melody, and a recording of a phone conversation between two lovers, but you only hear one person speaking. The void left by the missing part of the conversation gives the melody significance and the listener becomes part of filling in the missing pieces; it’s as if the tune and the listener work together to create the song.

BKGD Audio – ‘Feelin Like Chill’

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If some of the previous tunes sound like taking the nind ght bus on your way home from the club, this tune sound like taking the ghost ride. It is both somber and unsettling, like a spectral echo.

Nico Niquo – ‘Perta Ine’

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Nico Niquo is from Australia and has a unique way of referencing UK club music. It’s as if he sees and describes the scene from a distance in a romanticised or fascinated way. He introduces these elements as fragments and pieces them together with progressive cyber aesthetics.

ORKA – ‘Mother’

‘Mother’ is about the womb-like state of being in a dark club enveloped in bass and the otherworldly sense of community you feel with strangers moving as one entity. But at the same time the song is like a memory. Like the track you listen to returning home on the night bus.

ORKA’s new album ‘All At Once’ is out now.