Peter Xan’s ‘FIFA’ Is Powered By Joy

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Peter Xan returns with new single ‘FIFA’.

The Nigerian-British musician grew up as an indie kid, fixated on those early Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand records. While he continually wrote songs, it took the pandemic to clear space in his life, granting him the time to truly focus.

Melding together influences, he’s a Black British voice in that alt space, adding something different while at the same time simply speaking his truth. As he noted recently: “People might say, oh you’re doing white music, but that’s completely absurd. Music is music, whether you’re Black, white or whatever. I can be African and still do rock. There’s nothing wrong with that. I want to be free from this stereotype.” 

New single ‘FIFA’ darts with energy, an uplifting piece of music that feels powered by joy. A raw, ragged return, the helter-skelter vocal seems to leap out of the stereo, while the video returns Peter Xan to West African soil.

Shot in Ghana, it’s a fun clip, packed with colour and vitality. He comments:

“When I went to school it was London, when I got home it was Lagos! From sounds to smells I remember my grandma playing a lot of African music and my mum would play magic fm in the car on the way to school. The musical blend happened early on in my life.  I felt at home in Ghana. I felt very connected to the culture and the history of its lands and its waters. I think something special is happening in youth culture in west Africa. It was very inspirational I have developed a good community over there…“

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Nas Asaldi