Portugal. The Man, UMO Combine On ‘Summer Of Luv’

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Portugal. The Man and Unknown Mortal Orchestra combine on new song ‘Summer Of Luv’.

Portugal. The Man have traveled round the world, all while establishing a base in Portland. One of America’s most creative cities, they’ve been able to immerse themselves in some mutually-supportive DIY networks.

When you lose someone, then, those networks react. New album ‘Chris Black Changed My Life’ is out on June 23rd, and it was spurred into existence by the loss of a close friend. Produced by Jeff Bhasker, the band aim to blend the personal with the universal, commenting:

While it is a very personal journey, I feel like everyone has a Chris Black in their life; at least I hope that everyone has a Chris Black in their life. That one friend who has a way of making everything right and making everything fun. The one who keeps you in check when you go off course and is always there to celebrate the good times and to support you in the bad times. Chris Black Changed My Life.

New song ‘Summer Of Luv’ comes as the temperatures (finally) begin to rise here in the UK, and it features a bonus voice – fellow Portland residents Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

A neat, moving piece of music, ‘Summer Of Luv’ seems to rejoice in companionship. Portugal. The Man once more:

“As we were working on the song, it just felt like it needed another voice, Ruban from Unknown Mortal Orchestra also lives in Portland and is one of our favorite artists, he just fit perfectly in…”

Tune in now.