Posthumous Tony Allen Album Confirmed

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A posthumous album from Tony Allen will be released through Jazz Is Dead later this year.

The drummer sadly passed away in 2020, leaving an incalculable legacy. A stunning virtuoso, he powered Fela Kuti’s iconic recordings, and essentially laid down the blueprint for afrobeat.

Shortly before his ascension Tony Allen dropped past Adrian Younge’s studio in Los Angeles, the base for revered label Jazz Is Dead. Multiple recordings have been made, and the final results will be released later this year.

Set to land in July – on what would have been Allen’s 83rd birthday – Tony Allen JID018 represents one of the drummer’s final statements.

Jazz Is Dead’s Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad:

“Despite the finite time that Allen had on this planet, as do all of us, his contributions to music are timeless and untouchable, and will continue to inform and inspire generations to come. Jazz Is Dead is honored to have played a part in the legacy of Tony Allen and invites you to discover the unparalleled genius that shifted the entire world’s conception of time, a magician who alchemized the past with the future and influenced countless listeners, currently and to come.”

A short documentary on Tony Allen’s life has been prepared by the label, alongside exhilarating new single ‘Don’t Believe The Dancers’. Check both out below.

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