Powfu Breaks Down His Album ‘Gathered By The Lantern’

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Today, Canadian artist Powfu has unveiled his new album ‘Gathered By The Lantern’. The 9-track record brings the listener closer into Powfu’s interior world-building. These mellow homespun tales tackle prickly young love, faith and fraternity, positioning Powfu as something more than a bedroom pop artist. Through muted, wispy and accessible songs, Powfu offers up a perfect seasonal offering, evoking a sleepy winter cabin.

Of his hopes for the independent release, Powfu says: “’Gathered By The Lantern’ or alone in your bed, I hope everyone can find some peace while listening to this album. I produced three songs myself and spent weeks putting together meaningful stories (along with some friends) so I really appreciate every second that my fans & friends listen. Hallelujah.” 

Commemorating his new release, Powfu has given CLASH an intimate track-by-track breakdown…

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no balls

A classic punk lyric with deep meaning and humour combined. Serious but not serious. ‘no balls’ is about how commitment is scary but it’s worth it in the end. True love is not about leaving when the feelings disappear, but rather staying together until the feelings come back. 

walk on wine ft. Cody Lawless, Milkshakes In The Valley

Poetic lyrics with chords that will make you dance. A true summer popper. Cody Lawless has been a friend of mine since high school and we’ve talked about starting a new project  for years. Milkshakes In The Valley is a lot more poppy then what I would typically do as Powfu. This song is specifically about the tiresome search for what seems like a bad girl but she actually has an innocent mind.


To the ones that feel alone. A melancholy and lyrical story. A lot of my lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways like, “Under the stars but none of them shining”. Fallout is about a relationship slowly decaying. 

flashlights in the forest ft. heylog

For the ones with imaginative minds and a hunger for different sounds. When I first heard heylog’s feature vocal I loved it; I really feel his vibe fits the song perfectly.

highschool baskets ft. Boyfifty

Based off my high school dream of being a pro baller. I played on a high level basketball team for a while in school. It got quite difficult for me as the team was a very tight unit and I was the new kid – I ended up quitting and I still regret that to this day. 

not a king

Medieval themes and dreamy guitar. I first teased this song on Instagram in 2021. My fans seemed to have loved this song out of the gate (no pun intended) but I wasn’t able to finish it until recently. The lyrics might seem a little confusing at first. I’m talking about a girl that I’m in love with but her parents aren’t down for her to be with me so they ultimately break us apart and she marries someone else. 

tip of my tongue ft. Ouse, Snøw

When Iceland and New York meet up in Canada; Ouse is from Iceland and Snøw is from NY. I loved having these two close friends of mine on tour with me so they recently flew up to my new studio in Vancouver Canada and we recorded this banger in an afternoon. Ouse produced this one as well. 

heart of steel ft. Jomie

A classic Powfu sound with chill guitar and romantic lyrics. Jomie is my best friend in the world of music, I love this kid like a brother. I really feel our vocals compliment each other even though we seem to have completely different sounds. 

under your wing ft. Hailey Fallon

The only one worthy of praise. This is a worship song dedicated to God that I wrote with my sister-in-law Hailey. He is the lion and the lamb and the wing that gives us shelter.

The new album shares the name of Powfu’s ‘Gathered by the Lantern’ European tour which started in Amsterdam on September 23rd and ends tomorrow in Dublin.

Photo Credit: Brandon Artis