Rahill Joins With Beck On Dreamy Single ‘Fables’

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Rahill has shared new song ‘Fables’.

The songwriter’s new solo album ‘Flowers At Your Feet’ lands on May 12th, released by UK independent powerhouse Big Dada. Reaching out to other voices, initial sketches for the album were shared with one of Rahill’s songwriting idols – Beck.

She explains: “I began sharing rough songs from the album with him and he was really supportive and encouraging about making a full album out of the songs. It meant a lot to me because he was a huge source of inspiration.” 

Beck was enraptured with ‘Fables’, and assisted with some guest guitar parts, and some ethereal vocals. Out now, it’s a dreamy slice of neo-psychedelic songwriting, seemingly built during a drive through the Californian mountains.

Rahill adds…

“’Fables’ was the last song I wrote from the record. It came to me while on a summer drive through the scenic mountains near my home. I wanted to capture that present moment, a heightened sensation of spirit, windows down, all senses engaged, a feeling of jubilation and bliss. [Alex] Epton channelled that stirring emotion with an infectious beat, and Beck dosed the song with his ethereal vocals and added guitar, giving the song a kaleidoscopic lens.”

Irie Calkins directs the swirling visuals, which you can check out below.

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