Rainy Miller, Space Afrika Combine On Collaborative Project

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Rainy Miller and Space Afrika have released their first single together ‘Maybe It’s Time to Lay Down the Arms’.

The new track is an experimental collab with the intention of utilising both of their unique skills and tastes. ‘Maybe It’s Time To Lay Down the Arms’ also features Mica Levi, singer-songwriter, composer and producer.

Rainy Miller spoke about the single, explaining that “it’s the inner monologue about the fight between accepting love and pushing against it. The disbelief that comes with somebody being willing to put in the effort to love you and trying to learn to bring down your walls.”

The new single also marks the announcement that Fixed Abode is set to release Rainy Miller and Space Afrika’s first full-length collaborative project – ‘A Grisaille Wedding’ – on November 16th. The work is a project focused on the semi-fictitious world that Space Afrika has created through music and British soundscapes.

Tune in now.

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Summon The Spirit: Demon (feat. Voice Actor)
Maybe It’s Time To Lay Down The Arms (feat. Mica Levi)
00-down / Murmansk 12
Sweet (I’m Free) (feat. RenzNiro & Iceboy Violet)
HDIF (feat. bobbieorkid)
The Graves At Charleroi (feat. Coby Sey)
Let It Die
I Believe In God, When Things Are Going My Way (feat. Richie Culver)
Bobbies Reprise (Bonus) (feat. bobbieorkid)

Photo Credit: Frankie Casillo