RVG Pick Out Some Vital Australian Artists

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Clash has been shouting this from the rooftops for some time now, but Australian music is in rude health. Whether it’s rap strains or garage punk, left-field electronics or lush shoegaze, the country seems to have its own remarkable twist on anything you could care to mention. Breezing into the UK, RVG represent fresh currents within post-punk, with their barbed analogue electronics and pounding bass lines showcasing something innately physical.

New album ‘Brain Worms’ is out on June 2nd through Fire Records, with RVG supporting Billy Nomates on her helter skelter UK tour. Hitting Brighton this weekend, the Australian group will play a flurry of sets at The Great Escape – including the Clash stage.

We had a quick catch up with the band, who revealed their cost-cutting tips for touring life. “Touring from Australia is very expensive,” they told us, “so our tips are to spend as little amount of money as possible on food! In the UK Wetherspoons breakfasts and Tesco meal deals are a very good way of saving some cash.”

When not munching down Tesco sandwiches and Wetherspoons brekkies RVG are also champions of Australian underground music – here’s a few fantastic recommendations.

Girl And Girl 

Sunny Brissie post-punk that I like. A lot of passion in the vocals which is always a good thing.


Awesome post-punk band from Newcastle (in Australia! – Clash), they put out a great EP this year called ‘et cetera, etc’ which had some great saxophone bits in there amongst the guitars. Looking forward to hearing how it sounds live.


Great classic punk band from Melbourne. We played a funny festival with them back home last year where it was pissing down with rain and pushed back five hours and they played an absolutely killer set. (RVG member) Reuben also used to garden with their guitarist Lewis.

Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel 

We were big fans of their album ‘Nervous Energy’ which came out last year but we hadn’t had a chance to see them live yet so hopefully get the chance to see them in Brighton.

Gena Rose Bruce

Gena Rose Bruce’s new album is one of our favourites of this year and her voice absolutely kills me. Very much looking forward to seeing her play.

Catch RVG at The Great Escape this weekend. The band play 8pm, One Church on Thursday (May 11th).

Photo Credit: Izzie Austin