Sampha Announces New Album ‘LAHAI’

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London songwriter Sampha will release new album ‘LAHAI’ later this year.

The songwriter’s tender debut album ‘Process’ took years to slot into place, a writing process disrupted by grief and enhanced by love. Winning the Mercury Prize in emotional circumstances, Sampa then seemed to take a step back.

Re-emerging this year with his song ‘Spirit 2.0’ he then played a handful of beautiful nights at a church in East London, showcasing new material and highlighting his creative thoughts.

New album ‘LAHAI’ has now been confirmed – the title echoes his grandfather’s name, and it’s also Sampha’s middle name. “My next musical chapter,” writes Sampha, “my next album…”

He adds: “Fever Dreams. Continuums. Dancing. Generations. Syncopation. Bridges. Grief. Motherlands. Love. Spirit. Fear. Flesh. Flight.”