Sheffield’s Perfectparachutepicture Share New Blaster ‘White Noise’

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Perfectparachutepicture are back with new single ‘White Noise’.

The Sheffield duo are part of the city’s rich rock lineage, blending this with new aspects. A pummelling live experience, they meld together Royal Blood’s urgent physicality with something new, and unexpected.

Cult favourites in the Steel City, the pair – Kyle Ernest (drums and vocals) and Edward James (bass) – are building towards a new EP. A chance for Perfectparachutepicture to get their concert sound down on record, it builds on their nascent songwriting.

Take ‘White Noise’. A barbed piece of indie punk with some outsider elements, the lyrics deal with hangers-on, with people who take up your time and your energy, without ever really putting anything back.

Perfectparachutepicture comments…

“‘White Noise’ is a track about the people who take everything from you, and never give back. It’s about the way that some people never realise how selfish they are, and the bits that they take from you over and over again. The track asks these people directly, ‘when will you leave?’ knowing that they won’t leave until there’s nothing left in it for them.”

“The song is also about the noise around us that keeps us from reaching our full potential. It’s that niggling in the back of your head where you find yourself comparing your life to others, and wanting what they have, not taking notice of what you already have in your own hands.”

Tune in now.

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