Snow Strippers Cause Carnage With ‘Just Your Doll’

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Snow Strippers have shared new song ‘Just Your Doll’.

The West Coast production duo meld together fragmented club tropes with a hint of darkness, recalling witch house innovators such as SALEM, White Ring, or Holy Other, but with a defiant streak of originality underpinning their work.

Recently sharing ‘April Mixtape 3’, the pair managed to call on a guest feature from Lil Uzi Vert. Working almost continuously at their studio, Snow Strippers intend to follow this with all-new EP ‘Night Killaz Vol. 1’ on November 24th.

Set to be released via Surf Gang, new song ‘Just Your Doll’ offers phantom-like synths, the cracked electronics tapping into the lingering paranoia of Hallowe’en.

There’s a haunting aspect to their sound, something almost undefinable – eerie, and bewitching, Snow Strippers aim to unsettle, and standout.

The full video features a party vibe, but there’s a continual sense to ‘Just Your Doll’ that is transgressive, and oddly threatening.

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Tyler Jones & Snow Strippers