Sola’s ‘Warped Soul’ Salutes The Tapestry Of Black British Creativity

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Sola has shared her enriching new project ‘Warped Soul’.

A nine-track selection of unbridled creativity, Sola set out on this project to tap into the multi-faceted lineages of Black British creativity. As such, she moves from electronic club tropes through to soulful songwriting via jazz, trip-hop, and more

Packed with ideas, verve, and invention, guests include Clash favourite Haich Der Na, the mighty Rarelyalways, and UK jazz powerhouse Moses Boyd.

Out now on Future Bounce, the nine-tracker is a project is real depth, with Sola imbuing each note with an emphatic sense of purpose. She comments…

“This is a collection of songs that pays tribute to the rich history of Black British music while also trying to push the boundaries of genre, colour outside the lines, and redefine people’s expectations of what a black British woman making music should sound like today. It explores everything from club influences to trip-hop and jazz, while also paying tribute to my background in classical music.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Emilie Wilde