Speaker Cabinets Share ‘Tales From New Babel’ In Full

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Speaker Cabinets have shared new album ‘Tales From New Babel’ in full.

The new release is the group’s second full length project, and it’s an ambitious conceptual piece. Arced by musicality, the three-piece blend aspects of alt rock, indie inflections, electronic production, and psychedelic aspects.

Intensely visual, it picks you up in one spot, takes you on a true journey, before depositing you somewhere entirely different. The Barcelona three-piece Nacho, Guillem, and Adrià – have built something special, the narrative focus following the journey of sibling pairing Suzan and Alan May.

Draped in science fiction and fantasy elements, Speaker Cabinets take their songwriting to an extremely distinctive space. Out now, ‘Tales From New Babel’ is their most in-depth and ambitious work yet – tune in now.