Spector Share Spooky Ode ‘Driving Home For Halloween’

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Spector have shared new single ‘Driving Home For Halloween’.

Holidays are coming, as they say… spooky season is upon us, and with the countdown to October 31st well and truly on Spector are here with a phantom-fuelled ode to the vanishing of the light.

Yep, new single ‘Driving Home For Halloween’ is – they insist – much more than a riff on Chris Rea’s seasonal classic. Referencing RL Stein novels, there’s a sense of ennui, a feeling of standing still, all while life and its attendant commitments chase you down.

Vocalist Fred Macpherson explains… 

“Driving Home for Halloween isn’t just a terrible Chris Rea pun. It’s a song about life, death and love in the time of Find My Friends. If Goosebumps books were romance novels this might be what they sound like. It’s for everyone whose life feels static even with the world turning on its axis at a thousand miles an hour.”

Guitarist Jed Cullen adds, “On the last day of recording, Jen had just finished her backing vocals and was about to leave. We had precious little time left to finish the album, but I had this really strong feeling we needed to open up the ‘Driving Home for Halloween’ session and ask her to scream along the guitar riff through Dimitri’s Plasma Pedal. I was a little worried it wouldn’t come off but naturally she nailed it and it sounded amazing on the first try!”

A surging piece of indie melodrama, it’s time to don that skeleton costume and hit ‘play’ –

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Spector will release new album ‘Here Come The Early Nights’ on November 24th.