Spirits Of Saturn Share Synth Jammer ‘Feelings Agency’

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Spirits Of Saturn make their bow with intriguing new single ‘Feelings Agency’.

The avant pop collective were spurred into being by Early Sans, who also works with Domino aligned outfit Superorganism. Drawing together some like-minds – the famously named Edmund Blackadder on vocals, Scott Docherty on bass – they move between billowing aspects of synthetic sound and precocious pop aspects.

‘Feelings Agency’ is a neat Venn diagram between these two instincts, with Spirits Of Saturn wrapping the experimental around the direct. There’s a Motorik aspect to the rhythmic engine, before the musicians layer this in heavenly aspects of analogue synths.

The start of something new, ‘Feelings Agency’ feels wide open, the sound of three musicians clearing the decks, granting themselves space to evolve.

Tune in now.

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