Standin’ Band Are Moving Up A Gear on Latest Single ‘Changin’ Wind’

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Standin’ Man have bounced back with latest single ‘Changin’ Wind’.

Crafting an unabashed blitz of the 60s, Standin’ Man have drenched their sound in nostalgia. Sporting big, electric drums, layered guitars and momentous vocals, ‘Changin’ Wind’ points towards the contemporary influence of psychedelic rock, working a fine balance between the old and new.

Brought to life by acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Dean Fairhurst, Standin’ Man are a promising outfit hailing from the north west of England. Having previously shared stages with The Who, Liam Gallagher and Def Leppard, Fairhurst is approaching his next endeavours with maturity and experience under his belt, something that can be heard across Standin’ Man’s latest releases. 

The band’s debut album ‘Life Intimidating Art’  is just around the corner, a body of work set to summon rock-n-roll’s unruly hunger once more. Largely produced by Jim Spencer, Standin’ Man will join the lauded musician’s extensive list of collaborators, from the likes of Johnny Marr and The Charlatans to New Order. 

‘Changin’ Wind’ is demonstrative of Standin’ Man’s shift towards a more defined, polished sound. Choosing to tackle more challenging themes reaps its rewards, ones that the band will surely meet across new crowds and stages.

In conversation, Fairhurst details: “‘Changin’ Wind’  is a song that describes the arrival of judgement day and the questions that get asked about whether you have done all you can in the face of a situation. Sonically, the track enforces many elements of change and its inevitability. Lyrically it evokes the message that we must adapt but it is ourselves and our actions that have the power over how things fundamentally change.”

Tune in now.