STARRY EYES Get Introspective On New Single ‘Jetlag’

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STARRY EYES are making a return with brand new single ‘Jetlag’. 

The track is a poignant offering from the LA band, walking a fine line between grunge, punk, mellow acoustics and pop. Tackling themes of heartbreak, addiction and mourning, lead vocalist Kyle Tekiela uses ‘Jetlag’ as an emotional canvas. Paired with John Shippey’s full production, they combine on an honest and moving piece of songwriting.

A highlight single from the band’s latest album ‘Ciao Bella’, the track arrives as an introduction to their debut. Across 5 tracks, the duo rise from their struggles they’ve faced as an outfit, losing their key founding band member Matthew Scoggins. The late musician’s vision continues to weave itself across ‘Ciao Bella’, an anecdotal body of work detailing the relationships that have followed the band’s journey.

Equally reflective of the past, present and future, ‘Jetlag’ is a bold moment for STARRY EYES as they push their narrative further.

Speaking on the project, STARRY EYES explain:  

As the title suggests, the EP is a sombre goodbye to the beautiful things in our lives that have passed, and a jubilant hello to the beautiful things to come.”

Tune in now.