Stars Of The Lid’s Brian McBride Has Died

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Stars Of The Lid’s Brian McBride has died.

News of the musician’s passing was confirmed by long-time label Kranky a short while ago. In a statement, long-time bandmate Adam Wiltzie wrote: “I am deeply saddened to tell everyone that Brian McBride has passed away. I loved this guy & he will be missed”.

Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie formed Stars Of The Lid in 1993, building on a new energy within the field of ambient composition. Existing on the fringes, their undoubted artistry and emotional flourishes had a gentle influence on successive waves of musicians, with everyone from post-rock giants to left-field techno producers citing Stars Of The Lid as a point of inspiration.

Debut album ‘Music For Nitrous Oxide’ arrived in 1995, following two years of continuous recording, editing, and finessing. A steady flow of imposing material followed, with 2007’s ‘And Their Refinement Of The Decline’ becoming what must now presumably be the project’s final studio album.

Live shows were rare but extremely special – this writer watched Stars Of The Lid performance in Ukranian Federation, Montreal back in 2015, part of the city’s POP Montreal festival. A stunning experience, their slow-moving artistry left a profound impression on those assembled at the venue.

Pan American’s Mark Nelson mourned the passing of a friend:

We met Brian and Adam in Houston sometime around 1990. In thrift store jackets 3 sizes too small and drinking red wine in a Mexican restaurant, we recognized them right away. Perhaps I should say we recognized ourselves. Many many shows and cigarettes and jokes and van rides over the years , most recently a couple months ago when someone posted a fake collaboration between Brian and I on Spotify. A last opportunity for me to share his gentle pessimism and humor.

Avant hip-hop duo Clipping wrote: “Very sad news. The impact Stars of the Lid had on me is incalculable. Their music soundtracked whole eras of my life. RIP Brian McBride.”

Brian McBride was 53 years old. No cause of death was given.