Steven Wilson Shares ‘What Life Brings’

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Steven Wilson has released ‘What Life Brings’, the latest single from ‘The Harmony Codex’.

The song is a trippy acoustic pop song full of Pink Floyd-like guitar solos and psychedelic vocals. ‘What Life Brings’ has a reflective nature full of mysterious lyrics such as ‘When shadows grow long, there’s no need to be strong, when you’re lost in dream fog.’ that make the listener feel slightly unsettled. Accompanied by pensive piano melodies, the new single feels almost like an apocalyptic track at the end of an epic movie. The progressive rock song has distorted vocals and sounds, giving it a celestial feel. This is encouraged by a hypnotic music video directed by filmmaker Charlie Di Placido (Jungle, Everything But The Girl), which contains reversed dances, making the performers almost seem sub-human.  

‘The Harmony Codex’ will be the six-time Grammy Award-nominated musician/producer/singer-songwriter’s seventh full-length solo album. It will be available September 29th via Steven Wilson’s Spinefarm Records, containing recently released ‘Impossible Tightrope’, ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Economies of Scale’. An expanded release will also include alternative versions and remixes of the tracks by Roland Orzable, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Interpol, Meat Beat Manifesto, Faultline and Radiophonic Workshop. Wilson is also known for being a founding Porcupine Tree member and an audio remixer for artists such as The Who, King Crimson and Van Morrison.

Tune in now.  

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Words: Amelie Grice
Photo Credit: Hajo Mueller