SuperJazzClub Hit Back On Uplifting New Single ‘Too Early’

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SuperJazzClub have shared their new single ‘Too Early’.

The collective are real favourites in the Clash office, and we briefly highlighted the Accra collective last summer. The group touch down in the UK next month for a show at The Great Escape, and ahead of this they’ve shared a dose of uplifting new music.

‘Too Early’ is touched by optimism, a song that bursts out of the traps with seismic energy. Putting a spring in your step, it’s a balm for the soul, with SuperJazzClub scrubbing away the dirt of the everyday and replacing it with a right sheen.

As the vocal holds: “Roll it back, push it back, I might need to roll another”.

The video was shot by Tano Jackson from the group, with the clip split between Accra and Brooklyn. There’s a subtle Tarantino element to the shoot, with Tano commenting…

“The first thing you think about when shooting a music video for a song like this is that it’s got to be at an event, say a party; then I thought what if it’s of us getting ready to [go to] the party and that’s how the concept was birthed. A bit of the prior moment before a party is a time worth celebrating.”

Tune in now.

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