TBZ Curates Mix 119 For The EDWIN Music Channel

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The EDWIN Music Channel tap Cologne DJ and producer TBZ for their revolving guest mix series.

With roots in the Cologne underground scene, TBZ has released under different monikers and aliases; his roving approach to creation gives his releases an ephemeral feel, where gauzy electronics and multi-tracked soul samples are combined to riveting effect. Since 2017, TBZ has released on the Dutch label Brew, and later on the Rush Hour-related R=A imprint. In the same year he also released his first TBZ tracks, debuted with his band Montel Palmer in global record stores, this time via the Cologne-based label Planet Resque, which he co-runs with his friend Fizzy Veins.

TBZ’s EDWIN mix has an earthy Pirate radio feel. Dub and dancehall segues into percolating boom-bap rhythms, spaced-out funk and orchestral reprises. In the mix you’ll find hip-hop production progenitors Jaylib and their ode to fraternity ‘Take It Back’, alongside dub experimentalists Montel Palmer, late LA rapper Ras G, and even TBZ’s original downbeat creations.

Tune in to the mix now and read TBZ’s interview with The EDWIN Music Channel below…

Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing?

West Germany, mainly located in Köln since the late 00s.

Growing up, what music were you exposed to and what influenced you?

Anything played on music television and radio.

Can you remember the first time you realized the power of music, and what were you listening to?

No, but I do remember first scratch practices with a Steve Miller Band record on the old house Hi-Fi.

You seem to publish your music with a lot of care. Is there a philosophy behind it?

It just takes a little more care when you DIY.

Do you have any role models or inspirational benchmarks for your music?

Man, whoever keeps the process going.

You produce music solo as TBZ and sometimes DJ 2Beers. You are also part of projects like Montel Palmer, the Tax-Free duo Grrrr and the Iris band, as well as the Dutch band Devon Rexi. How do you distinguish all those projects and what makes each one special?

Yeah, all of them are a bit different. I mix up the disciplines and that keeps it fresh and inspiring. It’s also just fun to be around nice people. On that note: I can’t forget the duo known as Bathtub with Robert Bergman. 

What exciting projects do you currently have in the pipeline?

I am recording with Dutch artist Grapevine and finishing up many more Montel Palmer LPs.

What was your process in selecting the tracks for The EDWIN Music Channel?

I always wanted to make a mix for dogs and frogs.

Can you name a track that’s been unfairly slept on in the last month?

Fizzy Veins – ‘Drop The Hood’.

What old albums have you rediscovered lately, and what makes them special?

Those albums with the cool scratch and beep sounds on.

You collect dub/reggae 7-inches. Can you name us your current top 3?

Not sure that mess qualifies as a collection, but some tips can be found in the track list.

How does living in Cologne shape the atmosphere of your music?

It’s great for staying home and making music.

TBZ – Bonus EP Track 2 (JB)
Kill Mis Fus – Version (Ball Eagle)
Slide – Version (Monster Shack)
Trance riddim – Version (Yush)
Frog Riddim (Fat Eyes)
Bruk out – Version (Black Solidary)
The Whispers – Love Is Where You Find It (Atlantic)
Atlantic Starr – Second To None
Volume – Version (Mentally Disturbed)
Pan Di Riddim (Excel)
Good Care – Version (USA)
TBZ – BZ Track (Brew)
Paco Rhythm – Version (Wizard)
Galt MacDermot – Harlem Medley 
The Teacher – Soul Vibration (Scorpio)
Jaylib – Take It Back (Stones Throw)
Ras G (All City)
Montel Palmer – Cross Eyed (Planet Rescue)
Kool Keith – I Do What I Want
Experiment In Sound

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