Temples – Exotico

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Indie rockers Temples demonstrate an illustrious way forward for traditional guitar music. Taking place in a mystical, dream-like utopia, this supremely ambitious sixteen track presentation is the broadest, most eclectic palette of sound yet to be released by the neo-psychedelic, alternative ensemble. 

The orchestration of the finest blend of Krautrock, psychedelia and indie pop remains a strength of theirs, and this is a window to the world that supplies cultural detail and insight aplenty.  

The quartet takes a step away from the self-sufficient, DIY oriented ways of working that they became known for. Leaning on record producer Sean Ono Lennon, the crisp result speaks volumes. The group’s music has long been of an immersive quality, this trait is taken further, as lush layers are presented and a deeper, more intimate understanding of Temples’ sonics are fully explored. Picking highlights is hard, but ‘Gamma Rays’, ‘Inner Space’, ‘Oval Stones’ and ‘Fading Actor’ shine with immensity.  

There are no bounds. ‘Exotico’ let’s go of control, so remarkable things can happen. It’s the closest Temples have been to releasing a masterpiece, and that’s saying something. They are still a young band with potential to go even further, so it would be an injustice to suggest they have done it, full stop, yet the argument is undeniable.  


Dig This? Dig Deeper: Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Melody’s Echo Chamber 

Words: Susan Hansen

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