The Last Dinner Party’s Debut Single ‘Nothing Matters’ Is Unstoppable

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Funny thing, hype. No one really knows where it comes from, but once you have it, it can be unstoppable. Just look at The Last Dinner Party. Arguably the most-hyped band in London right now, they won magazine covers without even releasing a single. Shows display their theatrical nous; packed out, sweat-drenched scenes, with both band and fans engaged in some kind of ultra-glamorous fancy dress competition.

And now here we are. The debut single. The point of no return – the one space where hype can’t reach, and it becomes a matter of putting up… or shutting up.

Thankfully, The Last Dinner Party have breezed past the first hurdle. Put simply, ‘Nothing Matters’ is unstoppable, a dramatic slice of alt-pop that recalls everyone from Sparks to Florence without every truly echoing either of those artists. It’s a work of bravura originality, at once ultra-catchy but also complex and – ultimately – triumphant.

James Ford helped the band piece it together in the studio, and he should know a thing or two about hype. From Abigail Morris’ scintillating vocal through to the dulcet keys of Aurora Nishevci and beyond, this is a real group statement.

The start of something very special indeed, The Last Dinner Party are already the internet’s new favourite band – no less a force than Kathy Burke proclaimed it to be “a corker”.

And you wouldn’t argue with Kathy Burke, would you…?

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