The Staves Announce New Album ‘All Now’

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The Staves will release new album ‘All Now’ on March 22nd.

The band recently signalled their return with ‘You Held It All’, a terrific single that underlined their artistry while wiping the slate clean. Their first release on Communion Records, it also marked their first as a duo – Emily Staveley-Taylor stepped back to focus on being a mother to her young daughter.

So, the journey continues. New album ‘All Now’ is out on March 22nd, and it stems from extensive sessions with respected producer John Congleton.

The full tracklisting and pre-order are now online, with The Staves also sharing the title track as their latest single.

Jess and Camilla comment…

“It’s a stream of consciousness about frustration and feeling overwhelmed with modernity. Kind of a rejection of the performative way we have to express ourselves now in order for it to be deemed valid.”

Out now, the single is accompanied by some new visuals shot by James Arden. The band continue:

We were in love with the old footage of singer songwriters performing in shows like The Old Grey Whistle Test, and the way the audience hung on the singer’s every word.

We wanted to play with the idea of ‘All Now’ being an ideology and a message. Something that came from artists and creatives, but is then hijacked and commodified by corporate creeps, preaching the message to gain power.

Tune in now.

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  1. All Now
  2. I Don’t Say It But I Feel It
  3. Fundamental Memory
  4. Make A Decision
  5. The Echo
  6. I’ll Never Leave You Alone
  7. After School
  8. Great Wave
  9. Recognize
  10. So Gracefully
  11. The Important One
  12. You Held It All

Photo Credit: Harvey Pearson