The View – Exorcism Of Youth

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The View have never been ones to let expectation rule them. The Dundee band have a tendency to walk their own path, no matter the consequences. This headstrong nature can have its faults – a recent dose of ‘brotherly love’ onstage in Manchester took time to smooth over – but it’s also led to a songbook dominated by in-jokes, regional reference points, and the kind of bittersweet lyricism that has long since bowled over fans.

Their first album in almost a decade, ‘Exorcism Of Youth’ finds The View coming-of-age by dipping back into their roots. An ode to shared experiences, it blends scuzzy torn denim indie rock with neat synth pop aspects, highlighting a fondness for ear-worm melodies in the process. Opening with the bombastic title track, ‘Exorcism Of Youth’ then segues into jangle-tinged garage rocker ‘Feels Like’, a perfectly tailored summer festival anthem.

It’s not all bruising late-night swagger, though. ‘Arctic Sun’ – with baroque flourishes worthy of the Coral – touches on friendships and “the good times”, its neat nostalgia pieced together around a helter skelter 60s carnival melody. Mid-album moment ‘Black Mirror’ finds the band daring to be honest about personal issues, while ‘Woman Of The Year’ is a ‘thank you’ to their partners for sticking by them.

Indeed, songs such as ‘Neon Lights’ point to another influence – singer Kyle Falconer has long adored Fleetwood Mac, and there are subtle aspects of the band’s ‘Tango In The Night’ era at work on The View’s new album. Take the electronic effects on ‘Footprints In The Sand’ or the neat drum machines at play on closing cut ‘Tangled’.

Building on the past while refusing to be hemmed in by it, ‘Exorcism Of Youth’ finds The View navigating a forward path. Once indie darlings, the band now find themselves on the verge of becoming elder statesmen – it’s a record that shows there is plenty of fire in their bellies.


Words: Robin Murray