“Today Is A Meaningful Day For Us” ATEEZ In Concert

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Allianz Parque. This is the name of the place where the K-pop group ATEEZ realised one of their greatest dreams: to perform in a stadium.

The The Fellowship: Break The Wall concert, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 26th, started before the group took to the stage. That’s because the fans sang along loudly to all the songs played over the stadium’s loudspeakers before the performance.

Member Jongho was unable to attend due to health reasons, but the seven members present – Hongjoong, Mingi, Seonghwa, Yeosang, Yunho, Wooyoung and San – along with the audience, made the stadium shake with loud shouts in chorus calling for the absent member.

And a few minutes after the concert was due to start, in the presence of 30,000 people – according to the producer – ATEEZ began the biggest concert of their career to the sound of ‘Halazia’.

With red and blue lights illuminating the stadium, the stage was decorated with a scarecrow in the background. In the presence of large screens, fans were able to enjoy images of weather events and landscapes, as well as beautiful visuals of all the members.

The first group to perform at the stadium since BTS, ATEEZ put on a real concert for their Brazilian fans, with impeccable costumes, stage presence and fireworks at the end of the show.

The South Korean group finished their first set with Hala Hala. Before that, they took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the Brazilian ATINYS.

“ATINY” is the group’s official fan name, a combination of the words ATEEZ + DESTINY and means that the group and the fans were destined to meet.

Talking to the audience, ATEEZ tried out a little Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. Causing euphoria among the ATINYS present at the concert, the talented members introduced themselves to the fans by saying “Olá, nós somos ATEEZ” (“Hello, we are ATEEZ”) and also spoke other words such as “obrigado” (“thank you”), “gritem” (“scream”) and much more.

Despite the rain and the cold in São Paulo, the fans made a lot of noise at the concert, something that surprised even the ATEEZ members themselves.

The emotional song ‘Aurora’ was part of the second set. Dressed in shades of blue and white, ATEEZ thrilled the audience and got emotional too. To end the set, the song ‘Wonderland’ was chosen, in which the fans did everything they could to reproduce Jongho’s part.

The third set of songs kicked off with Bouncy, and the fans also got to demonstrate their amazing moves. However, when the song ‘Guerrilla’ started playing, the fans sang out “Break the wall” at the top of their lungs – a sound that could be heard even from outside the stadium.

Wrapping up the fourth and final set, ATEEZ made their way back onto the stage, accompanied by the rhythm of ‘Turbulence’. Sporting Brazilian jerseys, with one of them proudly waving the nation’s flag, they enjoyed the remaining moments in the company of their fans, culminating the performance with the sensational track, ‘The Real’.

Thrilled with their Brazilian fans, ATEEZ gave a speech to the audience at the concert. “This is the biggest venue we’ve performed in for our concert. I’m always happy to meet more atinys. Today is a meaningful day for us, ATEEZ. Thank you so much”, said Yunho, drawing warm shouts from 30,000 people.

According to Seonghwa, Brazil was a country he always wanted to visit since he was a child and now, with ATEEZ, he has been able to fulfill this dream.

Yeosang thanked the audience for waiting for them for so long and said that the stadium concert only happened because of the fans. For Wooyoung, the memories of the concert in Brazil will stay with him forever.

The fans also heard from Mingi that the performance in the country was the hottest the group had ever done. The audience’s screams were forever imprinted in ATEEZ’s memories and, according to San, if the fans kept screaming, it would be hard to forget them.

For a moment, the leader Hongjoong thought it was all a dream – in his own words – the emotion of seeing everyone singing his songs so loudly was so great that he couldn’t believe it. “Vou ficar com saudades,” he said in Portuguese, (I’m gonna miss you). Finally, the group promised to return to Brazil for an even more spectacular performance, this time, with Jongho.

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Words: Isadora Wandermurem
Photo Credit: KQ Entertainment