Tom Grennan Shares New Booster ‘How Does It Feel’

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Tom Grennan has shared his new song ‘How Does It Feel’.

These are pivotal days for the songwriter, whose ambitions are broadening by the hour. Set to pack out London’s The O2 Arena this summer, he’s also scheduled to play some colossal festival sets around the country and beyond.

New album ‘What Ifs & Maybes’ lands on June 16th, and Tom displays his pop chops on their stellar new single. Out now, it feels like an arena packer – the production is amplified, the melody is accelerated, and the chorus feels tailor made for wide open spaces.

That said, touches of his melancholic past remain. A troubadour at heart, Tom Brennan uses ‘How Does It Feel’ to reflect on excitement and mistakes, on how life can inspire but also slip past you.

He comments…

“This song is a reflection of a moment in my life when I realised I had let something unreal slip. It’s a reflection on the excitement that comes when you know you have a chance to rebuild. It’s exciting, fun, and gives you the energy to want to get up and do what you believe in!”

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Frank Fieber