Toronto-Based Ciel Launches Debut Album ‘Homesick’

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Toronto-based producer Ciel will release debut album ‘Homesick’ on November 24th.

The Xi’an-born artist is based in the Canadian city, part of a nexus of club talent in Toronto right now. Helming the Parallel Minds imprint, Ciel comes to the forefront on this incoming release, her first ever album-length project.

Out on November 24th, the roots of debut LP ‘Homesick’ run back to the pandemic, with the Canadian government supplying arts funding. Ciel succeeded, and was granted the time and space needed to bring her vision into focus.

It’s the fulfilment of a long-held dream, with Ciel channelling her own thoughts and experiences into the record. Part of the Chinese diaspora, there’s a celebration of heritage mingled alongside an analysis of increased prejudice against Chinese people in the post-COVID world.

Available to pre-order now, new song ‘Bamboo’ is an enthralling piece of electronic production – allowing aspects of Chinese tones and melodies to shine through, it sits defiantly in a club setting.

A work of real individuality, we can’t wait to hear the full record – check out ‘Homesick’ below.

A1. Bamboo
A2. String
B1. Gourd
B2. Hide
C1. Breath
C2. Wood
C3. Metal
D1. Stone
D2. Silk